Taxi Guff Gaff/exchange

Taxi Guff Gaff/exchange KTM invites 12 artists, writers and thinkers, 4 taxis, their drivers and Kathmandu’s monsoon roads to undertake a conversational journey: Each player and component having a say.

Roads are the arteries of the city, sometimes flowing other times blocked, tarmacked and smooth in parts and pitted and muddy in others. Filled with a constant hectic urgency. Either in harmony or discord with the pace of lives unfolding in the flanking streets and buildings.  Through Taxi guff gaff/exchange KTM  artists will channel this forward motion with erratic twists and turns as they move through the ever changing city scape in the course of one day. The smells, noise, bumps and conversation will all be collaborators in creating a series drawings charting our journey.

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