Inclusive arts practice and research: A critical manifesto

This book defines and explores the emerging field of Inclusive Arts through practical and theoretically in formed discussion, interview and image-based contributions from leaders in the field (visual, performance and music), art based research and key curators and commissioners in the wider field of socially engaged art.

The book builds on the achievements and insights of the recent ‘Side by Side’ Inclusive Arts exhibition and symposium at London’s Southbank Centre co-curated, by Alice Fox and illustrated here. We refer to this book as a ‘critical manifesto’ because we explore both the features and potentials of quality practice and we critically reflect on the possible limits of this work to redefine the field of contemporary art, redress prejudice and segregation and connect with, learn from and make work with a group of people who have historically been placed on placed at the margins. In the book it is shown how people with learning disabilities are co-producers of culture rather than passive consumers or participants.

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