Lucy in The Bathroom, 50cm x 40cm, Oil On Canvas, 2021

This body of work represents my emotional state and feelings, during the period of lockdown feelings of loneliness, isolation, fragility, depression and emotional angst are depicted within this collection of paintings. My work is an extension of my emotions and my ability to understand the world.

In my work I have always been interested in exploring the human form, from painting from life, as well as working from photographs, often using my flatmates as models.  During lockdown, I was isolated from my flatmates and isolated from most of the world, as a result I found it difficult to find inspiration.  I began exploring space as a result of the lack of access that I had to space at the time. As I was feeling restricted and isolated, I used this as a basis for my paintings and tried to create an atmosphere that could relay this emotion to the audience.


Instagram:  @caitlins_paintings_



Upcoming FUSE, Regency Town House, Brighton, 2021.

Face to Face, University of Brighton Edward Street, 2020.

Painting festival 01, University of Brighton Grand Parade, 2019.

Foundation exhibition, Kensington and Chelsea college, 2018.

Alevel exhibition, Brentford School for Girls, 2017.



Degree, University of Brighton, 2018-2021.

Foundation, Kensington and Chelsea college, 2017-2018.

Alevels, Brentford school for girls, 2015-2017


Graduate exhibition

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