Product Design Specification

Product Name: Water rocket

1.0 Size and Weight Restrictions

1.1 Weight should not exceed 1kg (without water).

1.2 Height not to exceed 500mm.

1.3 Width not to exceed 100mm.

1.4 Thickness not to exceed 3mm.


2.0 Performance

2.1 Should raise above the launch area by at least 10m.


3.0 Environment

3.1 The unit will be mainly used in European weather conditions.

3.2 Temperature ranges:

+1 up to +30 degree C (European)

3.3 The product may experience humid conditions.

3.4 Corrosion resistance may be considered by the use of special materials.

3.5 Any noise from the equipment should not exceed 95 dB at a distance of 1.0m.

3.6 The winch will be stored in suppliers’ warehouses before sales.


4.0 Life in Service

4.1 Should withstand an operating period of 1 hr uninterrupted use per day for 2 years.


5.0 Shelf Life

5.1 The product will be stored on-site for up to 1 month before dispatch.


6.0 Target Costs

6.1 The product should have an end-user cost of £15 within Britain.

6.2 The cost of manufacture should be less than £10.

6.3 The cost of packaging and shipping should be no more than 15% of the manufacturing cost.


7.0 Product Life Span

7.1 Product will be on the market for 2 years.

7.2 Spare parts will be available for a further 1 year after that.


8.0 Marketing

8.1 Initially to be manufactured for England’s South East market but our distributors in London will be able to find a market for the product.


9.0 Packaging

9.1 Packaging / transport cost should be kept to a minimum and preferably below 5% of the unit cost.


10.0 Shipping

10.1 Product will be shipped by employee’s car within Brighton.

12.2 Product will be delivered by the delivery company across the UK market.


11.0 Competition

11.1 The water rocket will be operating against equivalent models which include groups 1-20.