All Hands on Deck

This week we have been focused on making sure that we have a good amount of work available on website for our formative assessment. Our highlights this week are:

  • We discussed on some of the issues with the prototype made a few weeks ago to make sure that we avoid making them again for the final design
  • We made a list of tasks for everyone to do before/for Monday
  • We have also been discussing different design shapes for the bottle rocket and plan on getting some CFD models soon

Fingers crossed Monday goes well, and our work is good enough so we know if we are heading in the right direction to get top grades!

Electronic Engineer Needed!

This week we finally received our electronics kits from the University, unfortunately, none of us had worked with a micro:bit before! The weeks highlights are:

  • Despite our inexperience we researched into the micro:bits to work out how to code them and experimented
  • We managed to experiment with the built in accelerometer for the micro:bit even though we believe that the coding for the final project will be different as this didn’t give the results we would expect
  • We have also decided that we will try and make the final water rocket during the Easter break as lockdown restrictions are lifted slightly and majority of us will be in Brighton to make it

We have lift off!

This week our focus was to make some kind of prototype so we can test whether or not our ideas from the previous weeks will actually work, and they did! We now know our release mechanism works, so we can now continue to test and perfect our design for the rocket itself. Some of the other highlights this week was:

  • We now have a more accurate Solidworks model to the size of the bottle we will be using
  • We are looking to add more to the website over the next weeks to prepare for the formative assessment
  • We can now test various design variations on the rocket

It might look like less progress has been made this week however we can now start to get a good amount of the project done before the formative assessment.