Dr. Begg, co-Director of the AEC, has been interviewed to be part of the latest article on ASEE Prism, regarding the latest trend on ICE. Prism is American Society of Engineering Education’s (ASEE) award winning flagship publication and the most popular magazine that covers engineering higher education in the United States. Over the years the magazine has won numerous APEX, EdPress, ASAE Gold Circle and PRINT magazine awards for both content and graphic design.

Latest articles, entitled “Power Drive“, focuses on different ways research is trying to push forward the ICE technology, in order to keep it enough environemntally friendly to provide a valid alternative to electrification. Dr. Begg was consulted and he shared his experience on pre-chamber ignition, which results in a highly turbolent combustion. Turbolence hence helps with the combustion as “it’s a great mixer; it’s a great way to transfer heat and energy faster.” says Dr. Begg.

The article itself focuses on mainly three innovative avenues regaring next generation ICE: pre-chamber ignition, plasma ignition and biofuels.

You can read the article here.

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