LG2 Reflective Statement – Literature Review and Research Methods

Following advice from my sister, who recently completed an Msc course, I changed my approach during the early stage of this module, to ensure my research was kept focused and the time was better spent finding relevant sources and quotes.

I created a hard copy research folder, with the learning goal objectives and learning outcomes printed as the front cover. This encouraged me to refer back to these objectives far more frequently, keeping my report’s progress on track. Every article, paper or draft of my report validity and usefulness could quickly be evaluate it’s against the aims of my report.

Another change made to my research techniques, was to highlight useful quotes and significant pieces of information whilst first reading the document. Whilst a fairly minor change to my working habits, it made collating the information far quicker when writing early drafts of the report. With a selection of checked, highlighted and sorted quotes and facts to hand, writing the report was a far quicker process and I was confident that every source was of benefit.

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