Cybersecurity in Digital Manufacturing – Initial Research

My second module explores the impact of cybersecurity in digital manufacturing chains. Finance, IT, Utilities and Defence sectors have all placed high priority and resources into protecting their digital assets for some time now, but it seems that only recently the manufacturing sector are taking appropriate action.

So where to start? Initially my research will explore cybersecurity in general, why it’s important, how it is implemented and the consequences of poor execution.

Next I intend to look into digital security concerns which are specific to the manufacturing sector, from protecting and tracing IP, motivations to ‘attack’ a manufacturing system and how these organisations should better protect themselves.

This will address current methodologies used as well as future innovations and software changes. I aim to speak with industry experts first hand to understand how seriously the industry and taking the threat of cyber-based attacks.

Following from this, I will look more specifically to additive manufacturing processes, the file formats and techniques currently used and to identify any weaknesses or possible ‘attack vectors’ in the AM workflow. All being well, I will carry out some first hand tests to investigate how a simple desktop 3D print system could be exploited.


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