Meeting Minutes – 11/05/2018

Date of Meeting: 11/05/2018

Present at Meeting: Ben Freeman, Dr Covill

General Comments:
Initial learning goal meeting to discuss the module outline, early ideas and relevant university staff to contact.

Introduced to Dan and Oli in the UoB 3D Printing studio, dialog with them regarding physical testing to begin soon.


Module plan as follows:

  • Review existing literature on information security and digital manufacturing software.
  • Review current and future manufacturing equipment.
  • Specific research into security in 3D printing.
  • Review relevant standards.
  • Review current approaches to digital manufacturing security.
  • Perform test case experiment.
  • Write up proposal based on test results.


Progress of Previous Action Points:
To update development blog with reflective statements from LG1.

Future Action Points:

  • BF – To start researching specific material on manufacturing information security and test examples.
  • BF – To contact various university staff in the field.
  • DC- To send over links to relevant material for early review.

Topics for Discussion at Next Meeting:

Existing material review,

Date of Next Meeting: 2 weeks time.

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