LG1 Reflective Statement – Course Structure

I found the informal, ad-hoc meetings with course staff to suit my self-guided studying style and were very useful. My part-time studying has to fit around my work schedule, so the lack of compulsory lectures or scheduled seminars suited my situation perfectly well, allowing my study hours to be flexible. I feel the process of only arranging a meeting with course staff when I have compiled research or discussion points before-hand to work well, resulting in fewer but far more productive discussions. 

Something that I should improve for future modules would be more formalised note taking and to ensure progress against the outlined action points are met between each session. Whilst the notes I have are perfectly useful, it would be better to track who makes each suggestion or comment, when it was made and if it was followed up before the subsequent meeting. This also ties into the lack of reflective blog posts I have made so far, something which should be improved immediately.

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