Meeting Minutes 05/01/2018

Date of Meeting: 05/01/2018

Present at Meeting: Ben Freeman, Dr Covill

General Comments:
Initial meeting to discuss university enrolment, course structure, using university intranet, submitting work, course contact details, etc.
Accessing online resources, recommendations of software and using the university library were also mentioned.

Progress of Previous Action Points:

Future Action Points:
• BF – Complete course enrolment
• BF – Setup student email address and circulate with course staff.
• BF – Create document naming & storage structure for downloaded papers.
• BF – Register and explore
• BF – Setup a blog to contain course work & meeting notes
• BF – Start AM market research.
o Studentcentral > Online Resources A-Z > ‘Passport’.
o ‘Wohlers’ Reports.
• BF – Install copies of required software.
o See separate guide to install Solidworks.
o Explore citation software options, ie Endnote.
• BF – Check through Prior Learning guide to check for previous work to use as evidence.
• DC – Arrange social meetings.
• DC – Chase plastic extruder from PAT testing.
• DC – Upload Learning Agreement Change Form to studentcentral course area.

Topics for Discussion at Next Meeting:
Loughborough ‘Design for AM’ Msc course contents.
Learning Goal 1, Market research, Case Studies.
Date of Next Meeting: TBC (2-3 weeks time).

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