IKEA’s Listening Hub

IKEA introduced a new inititiave called the Listening Hub which sought to increase customer engagement. The IKEA Digital team worked together with The Socalizers and Brandwatch Viza to ultimately provide IKEA with a suitable platform to effectively reach out to their customer base. They were able to collate data from global conversations about the brand using a number of social media outlets. Brandwatch Viza managed the analytics technology platform that provided IKEA with the necessary tools to follow conversations and to conduct topic analysis, which ultimately allowed the company to gain valuable insight into their customer’s perception of IKEA’s brand. Data that was collected via the Listening Hub is readily distributed to relevant departments for actioning.

Reasons as to why IKEA undertook this notable change:

  • Customer complaints do not provide a positive representation of the organisation.
  • Identifying problem areas can be used to amend strategies, ensuring the customer experience is improved.
  • The multinational group can now identify customer complaints by region in real time.

IKEA has undertook steps towards becoming a truly intelligent business.








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