Don Q: Website Review



Don Q is a Puerto Rican rum, distilled, manufactured, bottled, and distributed by Destilería Serrallés from its corporate facility in Ponce, Puerto Rico. Don Q is the top-selling rum in Puerto Rico, where over 70% of the rum consumed in the United States is produced.

The main purpose of Don Q’s website is brand wielding looking to achieve an increase in brand recognition as well as providing a clear marketing tool for their product. The primary function of a website is to convey relevant clear content which Don Q successfully achieves with an array of relevant product information. This is a necessary requirement to achieving functional convenience as stated by Valacich, D et al. He also states that these convenient characteristics help the consumer’s interaction with the website interface. (Valacich, J.S., Parboteeah, D.V. and Wells, J.D., 2007, pp.84-90)

The site itself is aesthetically pleasing with the inclusion of vibrant, high resolution, professionally taken photographs of the products, in turn engaging the reader whilst demonstrating the true quality of the product. The colour scheme is consistent on all pages on the website meeting the representational delight as referred to by Valacich, D et al. In addition, the use of interface consistency and graphic design influence consumer perceptions. . (Valacich, J.S., Parboteeah, D.V. and Wells, J.D., 2007, pp.84-90)

The website provides the consumer with an insight into the sustainability and quality reassurances of the product. This illustrates that the organisation is focused on delivering a product that meets the demands and expectations of environmentally conscious consumers.

The use of online PR activities i.e. advertisement in the online Wall Street journal is key to promotional value. This can be found in “The Shaker” outlet of the website which provides updates and news regarding the product. The layout for the particular area is clear and well defined and often informal. In addition, the use of the “Recipes” category provides the organisation with the necessary tool to engage and interact with the consumer, presenting a number of alternative cocktail concoctions enhancing their consumer experience inciting the consumer to purchase products. “Consumers visit sites not only to search for products/services, but also to have rich, entertaining experiences. These goals or objectives determine what type of tasks the consumer performs on at a site.”

The inclusion of “Where to buy” provides avenues for product distribution which looks to pinpoint your current location before locating a supplier within your vicinity inciting a future purchase.

One area of improvement would be to separate the header navigation bar to make the sub categories more prominent for easier visual use. This is a relatively simple rectification which can be completed to further enhance the website interface.

IKEA’s Listening Hub

IKEA introduced a new inititiave called the Listening Hub which sought to increase customer engagement. The IKEA Digital team worked together with The Socalizers and Brandwatch Viza to ultimately provide IKEA with a suitable platform to effectively reach out to their customer base. They were able to collate data from global conversations about the brand using a number of social media outlets. Brandwatch Viza managed the analytics technology platform that provided IKEA with the necessary tools to follow conversations and to conduct topic analysis, which ultimately allowed the company to gain valuable insight into their customer’s perception of IKEA’s brand. Data that was collected via the Listening Hub is readily distributed to relevant departments for actioning.

Reasons as to why IKEA undertook this notable change:

  • Customer complaints do not provide a positive representation of the organisation.
  • Identifying problem areas can be used to amend strategies, ensuring the customer experience is improved.
  • The multinational group can now identify customer complaints by region in real time.

IKEA has undertook steps towards becoming a truly intelligent business.








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