Visual Diary / Personal Work, Final Project

visual diary


I found myself going through a lot of personal stress and shortcomings this term. With so much stress and panic on my primary projects, I found a lot of safety and comfort within my visual diary and general personal work. I still need to learn how to more seamlessly align my personal stylings to the styles I choose to work within my academic projects, there is some sort of mental block that currently isn’t allowing me to be as free as I am in my work as I am with the work that I know I will be graded more scrupulously on. As I look through my work I see personality, humour and freedom that isn’t shown in my academic studies. In a way, I am more proud of what I see within these pages and scrap pieces of paper scrounged together and scanned into the cloud than I am of the work I dedicated hours of my life to. I aspire to be a tattoo artist after university, and I see the possible styles and characters that I may one day etch into people’s skin within my ragtag a5 journal. This brings me a sense of joy and calms that I am unable to replace in more academic procedures, though I am aware I am in dire need to combine the two more unanimously. My academic work this term feels a little lifeless compared to my free formed illustrations of silly skulls and chickens. I am still growing and learning as an artist every day, and I am grateful to be free within my visual diary.