May 3

Fashion Blogging and Using Instagram For Success

Blogging and using Instagram to promote fashion products has almost become a norm over the last few years, well known fashion and beauty Bloggers “Zoella” and “Inthefrow” receive thousands of views on their blogs week in week out. With both the social media sensations also sharing various beauty and fashion items on their personal Instagram accounts along with links to their blogs discussing the products.

How to write a good blog post can be found here:

oella nad in

Glamorous! – The gorgeous IntheFrow and Zoella pictured together at an event 

Using this form of celebrity endorsement is becoming more and more popular with brands as organisations look to exploit the social media and the internet for new creative marketing technics. Chiosa Ana Raluca (2012) wrote that a celebrity endorser is someone who has high profile and a life style and values that people aspire to be like. Celebrity endorsement impacts on many consumers buyer behavior (Renganathan 2015), meaning using Social media stars to promotes your product through blogs and Instagram posts can become a effective marketing tool.

Despite the obviously similarities between the two bloggers, both bloggers have their own unique styles and brands would need to carefully select which blogger would be best suited to promote their products.


Is a truly stunning individual who is prepared to strip down to the bare minimum of a bikini to promote clothing on her blogs and on Instagram, where fans can see her body displaying the clothing in a sunny location with a tasty background with fans seeing the “perfect” life.

in the forw risky

Inthefrow’s  Blog does not directly mention products within her blogs however chooses to have a more measured approach to adverting throughout the blogs with small abstract paragraphs a common feature alongside images of her looking beautiful displaying different outfits.

in the ffff

Only a small section of the blog shows readers where they can purchase the products and styles displayed in the photos.


Her Blog can be viewed here:

IntheFrows target audience will be of a slightly older age then Zoellas due the more mature content and more mature styles displayed.


Zoella is more of a clean cut blogger compared to inthefrow and does not take any risks when posting blog images by revealing to much of her skin or body within the posts. This is down to the core structure of the Zoella brand aiming to be a clean cut “friend” to her audience.

zoelle clean

Unlike InTheFrow, Zoella sometimes can be more direct with her advertising and doesn’t try to dress promotions up with a abstract paragraph and is prepared to post a blog post with a few images and just a list of products she is displaying within the images, Shown Below:


Zoella’s blog can be viewed here:

Did you Know: Brands can pay up to £20,000 to collaborate with stars like Zoella!! (Fox, 2015)

Fans of the two bloggers mentioned above will be prepared to purchase products they see on the blogs in an aim to be like their role models, Both bloggers also post images on Instagram supporting their blog and products which they promote within them.

In doing this allows for the products and blogs to be exposed to a larger audience, where people who may not see the blog regularly might see the image and want to look further into the product or the blog. Instagram also has a Hashtag feature where if the right hashtags are used the blogs can be exposed to a further audience again through viewing the hashtags, Instagram also allows for a quick viewing therefore if as user doesn’t have time to read the full blog then can quickly view the short snippet on Instagram.


InTheFrow – Supports her blogs with posts on Instagram.

With such high views counts and exposure there will obviously be some limitations and risk involved when using a blogger like Zoella or Inthefrow to market with the main issue of users questioning the authenticity of the girl behind the blog with users possibly no longer believing the words of their beloved social media star. In recent article by Wood, (2016),  the writer suggests that Zoella doesn’t longer write her own blog suggesting people write the blogs for her and the  “Zoella” Brand is just used to promote the blogs, This article can be viewed here:

zoe fruad

Opps – A “Zoella” Blog was listed as written by Carrie Fox but then was later deleted and the author was changed to Zoella.

This isn’t the first time Zoella authenticity was questioned, Fans were left upset after discovering her novel “Girl Online” was ghost written, Read More Here:


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April 29

Snap, Share, Tweet: Using Social Networks To Market.

Over the last decade social networks have rocketed in popularity with over 1.5 billion profiles being registered by the end of 2015 on the most popular social network in the world, Facebook (Statista 2016). With the Snapchat one of the newest social networks becoming the third most popular network in the world only behind Facebook and Instagram overtaking Twitter who lies in fourth.

What can using a social network to market achieve? 

  • Increasing website traffic
  • Building conversions
  • Raising brand awareness
  • Creating a brand identity and positive brand association
  • Improving communication and interaction with key audiences

Read more here:

From an academic point of the view the most successful social network driven campaign achieve the perfect “Word of Mouth” campaign with users sharing information about the campaign with each other without feeling forced to do so by the brand, Cebrzynski (2004) and Gonzalez, (2012). .

let’s look at some successful campaigns: 


Dove Campaign: Dove produced a video that they shared on Facebook that received over a million views and thousands of likes and shares, however throughout the video the brand Dove was not directly mentioned, a story was told about a “what beautiful means to women” with the aim of the campaign to inspire women to not settle for feeling average but aiming to feel beautiful.

The Video can be viewed here:

Dove then shared an additional post on Facebook asking the users of Facebook to tag their aunt and further family members whilst sharing a story about them in the comments section of the post creating strong word of mouth advertising, allowing users to see who has tagged each other whilst reading the stories below.

blog image 3

This campaign was deemed a success as:

  • A large audience was reached through encouraging users to share a story and tag their family
  • Word of month advertising was achieved through the campaign
  • The video was exposed to over a million people
  • The brand Dove was seen in a good light without forceful advertising methods.

The campaign can be viewed further here:

Dove’s Facebook page currently has over 25 million likes, W0W!

Despite the apparent success of Dove advertising on Facebook, the organisation doesn’t frequently upload new posts on Facebook and engagement is low on these posts therefore questions could be raised whether Dove are utilising Facebook as efficiently as they should be.

More Successful Facebook Campaigns Can Be Viewed Here: including an Oreo campaign and Qatar Airways Campaign.


According to Lambe (2016) the arrival of Starbucks Red Cups marks the start of the Christmas period. In 2015 this campaign really utilised the platform of twitter, Starbuck teamed up with twitter to produce a small emoji next the #RedCups meaning every time someone used hashtag a red cup would appear, Starbuck also paid twitter to promote the hashtag by making it trend on twitter with brand also posting supporting images and tweets along side the campaign.

blog post 4

Did you know it costs: 200 dollars a day to trend on twitter and each promotional tweets costs 3-4 dollars (Kafka, 2013)

This campaign was deemed a success as thousands of people around the world used the hashtag to share their Red Cups whilst enjoying their festive activities, this hashtag also proved to be popular on Instagram as thousands of photos of Red Cups were also shared on this platform.

Further successful Twitter campaigns can be viewed here:


Snapchat is one of the newest social networks which allows brands to market within, despite this it has rapidly grown to be the 4th largest social network in the world and the Snapchat has really shown “the force” is has recently.

Sphere a toy company used snapchat to market a toy they were releasing along side the new Star Wars film, this toy was the new robot called BB8 within the film. Story was uploaded onto the promotional section of Snapchat showing the toy come to life from a piece of paper (this count be viewed here: this video was viewed over time millions times on Snapchat and the toy sold out in stores with a matter of hours.

blog post 6

The image above was was placed on the story hours before the toy was released creating a “Buzz” around the release with users left guessing what could be launched on the Snapchat story at the time mentioned.

Obviously Sphere had the support of the new Star Wars film however he methods used be could be implemented by different brands for further releases of products with Snapchat allowing the ability for instant video to be viewed by millions around the world.

More information about the release can be viewed here:

Snapchat has a unique benefit comparing to Facebook and Twitter, Snapchat’s layout is small and simple and can only be used on a smart phone therefore advertisements on the application are easy and simple for potential customers to see.

In conclusion marketing on social networks can help assist a successful marketing campaign, a social network has the ability to reach millions around the world in a short space of time with low costs to the business therefore it is vital that businesses look to utilise these methods in the future if they are not already aware of the benefits available through these methods.


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April 21

#Share A Fizzy Social Commerce Campaign

What is Social Commerce?

Is it just another nonsense term thrown around in the world or digital marketing?

Can it be implemented Successfully?

There are multiple different types of social commerce however within this blog the focus will be on Social Network Driven Sales, to see what the 6 other methods of social commerce click this link:

Social commerce is defined by the business dictionary (2016) as “A form of electronic commerce which uses social networks to assist in the buying of selling of products.” Therefore when a purchase is made with the assistance of social commerce some kind of social network would have been involved at one stage by the customer in the run up towards the purchase

Let’s look at a campaign that was successful using social commerce on social media 

Coca Cola’s “Share a Coke” Campaign was one of the most popular and successful social commerce campaigns in recent times.

Coca Cola produced a large scale marketing campaign which printed names on to on Coca Cola Bottles these bottles were then disturbed to shops and multiple customers would head into the shops looking to purchase their own “personalised” coca cola bottle.

blog 44

A element of this campaign involved social commerce users were encourage to #ShareACoke (an image of their personalised bottle) on social media this then lead to multiple different people posting images of coca cola bottles across different social media platforms.

blog 666

Ciara was so excited to get her hands on her own personal coke she shared it on Twitter!

Users can also create their own virtual coke bottle shown below on, after the creation of the bottle the user will be encourage to share this on social media encouraging others to create their own personal coke bottle.


Customers can design their own personal coca cola online.

Some customers were even paying higher then retail price to own a personalised coca cola bottle!!!

This campaign was a huge success for coca cola as a large number of people were using #ShareACoke to share their images all around social media tempting their friends and peers to find their personal Coca Cola and share this on social media.

SUCCESS – Coca Cola Sold 3 times the amount of bottles of coke compared to their nearest rival Pepsi during the promotional period. (, 2016) 

Read more about this social commerce campaign and discover more successful campaigns here:

A Model For Social Commerce:

Huang, Z., & Benyoucef, M. (2012) produced a model in for social commerce this model was implemented successfully by Coca Cola and can be used in order to set up a social commerce campaign.


The model has four elements  Individual – Conversation – Community – Commerce

Individual – this is the stage when an individual person gets involved in the campaign for example within the Coca Cola  #ShareACoke campaign this would be when the photo of the personal bottle is first posted on social media.

Conversation – this is the point when a conversation would begin within social media, other users will start engaging in the original posts and asking questions. Within the #ShareACoke campaign this could be where a user asks another user a question like “How do you get your name on that coke bottle?”

Community – this is when the conversation extends further out in the community whereas before it may only be friends who saw the post now people further in the community will take notice. In the #ShareACoke this could be the stage when users start making their on custom bottles on and sharing them further into the community.

Commerce – this is the stage when a purchase is finally madecustomer could make the purchase as part of a group or make additional purchase at this stage to share the product with friends. For #ShareACoke this is when the personalised bottles are purchased whether this is through going into a shop or customers ordering their personal coke offline.


Anon. (2016). social commerce. Available: Last accessed 23rd Feb 2016.

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April 18

Email Marketing: Open or Ignore?




These are only a few of the popular taglines you could see within your mailbox when targeted through email marketing.

Email Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most popular digital marketing technics around, with the vast majority of e-commerce websites having email marketing as a key element of their business model. (Reimers, Chih-Wei Chao & Gorman, 2016)

Remember: Mobile, Mobile, Mobile – 47% of emails are opened on a mobile device (Lee, 2013) therefore it is key that organizations make their emails compatible with these devices.

So Why Do businesses choose to use Email Marketing?

  • It’s simple and easy for a business to do


  • It has global reach meaning anyone around the globe can be contacted.


  • Email Marketing is cheap


  • Easy to reach a large number of people with one solo communication


  • Email marketing is easy to track and measure


  • Easy to target different types of customers through making communications personal.

These points can be viewed further here:

How do you sign up for email marketing?

blog image

(Jack Will, 2016)

Recognize the box above??

If you enter your email address into the box above you would have given permission to the owners of the website to send you emails to market their products. Almost every e-commerce website will have box like the one shown above however the way in which they choose to utilize emailing marketing will vary depending on the company.

Effective Email Marketing:

Tag lines:

 The tagline or subject line is the first thing the user will view when they enter their mail box therefore it is key that this is exciting and interesting ensuring that the customer wants to look further into the email.


A customer needs the emails that they receive to be relevant to their interests therefore it is key that the business does some research into the customer behavior and interests before targeting them with email marketing. Also when addressing a user by their first name the business needs to ensure this name is correct and not some made up user name like “Azzaboy 43” as this becomes unprofessional and careless and reflects negatively on the business.

Time of sending the email

The two diagrams show that sending an email to market between 8pm and 12pm is the best time for viewership and that sending an email on the weekend would be the day of the week that utilizes this method.



Free stuff – Everyone loves free stuff therefore offering customers “free” stuff within an email could help utilize this platform.

Read more here:

Let’s Look At An Example: 

blog 66

blog 665

The email shown above is from B&Q is the only email the organisation sends a week, the email address was collected by signing up to a club card in store or online.

The email has a strong subject line showing a half price deal that is available this weekend in stores and online which could entice the user to look further around the website or visit a store. 

The rest of the email shows other products to put an idea into the head of the customer showing then what else the company does and products that could be of interest to the customer.

The final element of the email is the customers personal Club card details giving the email a personal touch and allowing the user to have a barcode of their club card details which the user can present in store when they make a purchase, this barcode *could* tell B&Q whether a purchase has been made through viewership of the email. 

Overall this email is a strong example of email marketing however could do with slightly more personalisation through the inclusions of products that may be of interest to the customer by using information gained from purchases made before from the club card user. 

Rating 8/10

Limitations of Email Marketing:

Melville and Pilce (2008) wrote that email marketing is in danger of being over run by spam therefore any new initiative needs to try and stand out and eliminate the noise within potential customers mail boxes.

My Mailbox shown below shows that within an hour during the normal evening “peak” times I received 5 different emails trying to market different products.

Interesting tag lines and attempted personalization has been used during these emails however none really stand out to me apart from the River Island email that poses a question and I feel curious to look further into the email.BLOG 4

Despite this after viewing the email I did not make a direct purchase from the site, I believe an effective use of email marketing could only be achieved if I was looking out for the email from a certain brand and the type of email that I was looking to receive was expected therefore I would go into my mail box expecting the email.

Therefore my recommendations for a successful email marketing campaign would be:

Timely: a customer would like to know when the email would be received therefore they can enter the mailbox at a certain time looking for that email.

Creative: whether this is through the tagline, Humor could grab attention or a shock factor could tempt the customer to look further into the email

Personalized: An email needs to be personal and something of interest to the user who is viewing it therefore it is key not to take the one size fits all approach to ensure every type of customer is accommodated for.



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January 27

Successful Promotional Campaigns on YouTube

Producing a successful promotional campaign through the platform of YouTube has become increasing popular over the last 10 years whilst YouTube as grown as a platform in itself, with YouTube themselves reporting that:

YouTube has over a billion users–almost a third of all people on the Internet–and every day, people watch hundreds of millions of hours of YouTube videos and generate billions of views. (YouTube 2015)

Leaving this platform of YouTube open for brands to generate free exposure if they create the perfect “Viral” campaign.

So how does a video campaign become viral?

A viral campaign is one that is considered to be viewed a large number of times and shared around the Internet through multiple social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and YouTube. A campaign can become viral over night and if a brand creates the perfect viral campaign it can ultimately create large brand exposure and generate a traffic towards their website or help them achieve their desired message from the campaign.

(Henke 2012) wrote that a viral video is similar to word of mouth describing “Viral” as an electronic word of mouth process. With the author also suggesting brands will use multiple tactics in an attempt to go viral, these could include shock tactics which is when a viewer becomes shocked by something they’ve seen, also humorous videos can go viral such as pranks and videos that connect with the viewers emotions can also be successful. Henke writes that these types of videos will force viewers to share with their peers on social media in an aim to allow their peers to experience the emotions as them.

Examples of Viral Campaigns  

John Lewis Christmas Adverts

blog pic one

Views: 23 Million within 2 months.

23,000 Social Media mentions 2 hours after release – New Record. (Williams 2015) 

John Lewis started producing its first Christmas advert in 2007 however the first campaign did not go viral until 2011 with a young boy who could not wait until Christmas. Since this point John Lewis have been extremely clever with the promotional campaigns with customers looking forward to the Christmas advert year in year out. This has been extremely successful for the business as the videos generate a buzz around the business at the most important time of the year – Christmas. Christmas is a time for giving and John Lewis know their price point is not the lowest meaning at Christmas customers will be prepared to spend that little bit extra to purchase the perfect gift.

LG Elevator Prank

October 2012 – over 24 Million views

blog pic two 

LG created an evaluator prank where the floor looks as if it falls in on people who use the lift giving them a funny scare. According to YouTube 2015 pranks tend to be received well on YouTube and connect with a wide audience. Producing this video was very clever by LG as the floor was multiple LG TV’s which would show customers the picture was so clear that people think the floor falling away was real. The high number of views generated strong exposure for LG and LG have since created other prank videos in an attempt to achieve similar success. 

Other YouTube collaboration campaigns:

Not all promotional campaigns on YouTube need to go viral in order to generate a successful outcome, brands can use YouTube to collaborate with existing YouTubers who already have ready-made audiences to generate their desired exposure.

Examples of this method:

Krave cereal – Krave cereal has been working with multiple different YouTube content creators challenging them to different tasks, which are relevant to the style of their channel. Krave were promoting their summer collaboration with Alton Towers along with these challenges. By choosing multiple content creators instead of just one person Krave were covering a large proportion of their target market and made good use of repetitive advertising.

Vloggers were chosen based on their popularity amongst Krave’s target demographic, namely 15- to 19-year-olds. (Nias 2013)

blog three

Example of one of the video produced:

543,000 Views on a channel with just under 900,000 subscribers.

Simple Skincare

Simple skincare teamed up with YouTube content creator Zoella to run their campaign called skin social. During the campaign Zoella and Simple produced multiple different videos for each of their channels promoting their campaign called Skin Social, Zoella has the perfect audience for the campaign with just under 10 million subscribers with the average viewer being a teenage girl (Marr 2014).

blog pic four 

Most popular video produced: Over 2 million Views on

In conclusion there are multiple different ways of using YouTube for advertising and it is a fairly new market meaning brands are still discovering the best way to use the platform that is available suggesting we can only expect more and more brands looking to use YouTube in the future.

All Promotional Campaigns mentioned above can be viewed below:

John lewis Christmas Advert:

LG Elevator Prank:

Krave Challenge Videos:

Zoella – Simple Skincare collaboration:


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January 25

How Does YouTube Work As A Successful Marketing Tool.

A new form of celebrity has been forming over the last few years through an online portal know as YouTube, YouTube is a video upload site that allows anyone from around the world (Apart from countries where YouTube is banned (Amini 2014)) to upload anything like (Within Guidelines) to the site which then can be viewed by everyone who can access the site.

Over the last few years YouTube stars have started to see success in different markets apart from YouTube with one of the biggest YouTubers called Zoella aka Zoe Sugg producing a number one best selling book shattering records by selling over 78,000 copies of her debut novel: Girl Online within the first week (Singh 2014) with many other YouTubers such as Alfie Deyes and Joe Sugg achieving similar success with their books. This shows the sheer power of these new forms of celebrities showing that their endorsement of a product can lead to huge success.

So How Does This Work For A Brand:

Below is a very simple model created by YouTube that shows how advertisers can work with content creators and their viewers, showing that advertisers can get in contact with YouTube or the creators and publish a campaign or product through a video and then it can be viewed by the content creators ready made audience which will then send traffic to the advertiser.

Benefits of Working with a YouTube content creator:

There are multiple different benefits of working with a YouTube creator and these can be seen below.

 Ready-made audience – when choosing a content creator to promote your brand, you can look at the content creators current audience and decide whether that audience would be suitable for your brand. For example Zoella has almost 10 million subscribers meaning working with her allows a brand to have a potential of 10 million new customers around the world.

For Example Zoella has almost 10 million subscribers and averages 20 million views a month (Social Blade 2016) meaning that working with Zoella gives you that ready made audience and potential customers.

blog new 4

Brand can grow alongside YouTube channel – The majority of strong YouTube channels consistently grow on a month-to-month basis for example according to (VidstatsX 2016) Ksi one of the leading YouTubers in the UK gained over 300,000 subscribers in the last 90 days as off today the 25th of January 2016 meaning that working with a star like Ksi suggests that your brand could gain exposure to 300,000 potential new customers in a 90 day period whilst working with KSI.

For Example KSI works with Rulem Sport and the main presenter of the channel is KSI himself the channel gains views and subscribers along with the growth on KSI.


YouTube is part of Google – According to more and more YouTube videos are appearing in Google searches therefore advertising through YouTube should increase the chance of a brand being found on a Google search.

A quick search term on Google “How to do press ups” and instantly the third search result shows a YouTube video on how to do press ups, this shows that Google are integrating videos into search results.


Google Search: 27th January 2016 – 21:00

(Learmonth 2014) wrote that YouTube is the “unknown” and that YouTube themselves believe that the platform itself can grow and grow, with the author suggesting that YoutTube want to look back to traditional methods to promote YouTube videos such as TV ads and billboards. Suggesting that with the power large audiences and great content creators YouTube can become even bigger in the future. Learmonth wrote that there are large audiences on YouTube but low awareness suggesting that the viewing figures are there however some advertisers are unaware of the potential the site can deliver. Therefore the Learmonth suggests YouTube should look at possible ways to bridge this gap in the future.


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October 22

Argos Case Study

Argos Digital Success

Drawing on the case study by Brand Watch, Argos is the UK’s largest digital retailer with over 43,000 products avaliable online at and through their stores. Receiving an outstanding 738 million website hits a year through Serving 123 millions customers through this portal. Argos are clearly doing things correctly on the digital front, therefore the challenge for Argos is how can they inprove on their success in order to stay at the very top of the digital market?

Digital Future of the brand

Argos are now looking to open 53 Digital store to add to their 758 current stores in the UK, these stores will focus on transforming the in store experience. Argos understand this is a risk and will want to closely monitor any comments and information relating to these store. Therefore Argos will turn its attention to using Brandwatch to help them monitor how these stores are doing.

Brand Watch Monitoring

BrandWatch is an online platform that monitors the presence of a brand on social media and creates reports and anaysis to feed back to brands on how they are performing, this is perfect way to monitor the Argos digital stores as customers that will be using them will clearly be very tech savy and digital orenitiated meaning if they have any issues they are more likely to vent on social media then the tradistional methods like writing a letter of complaint. Brand Watch has various different tools which can be can by the brand to monitor the feedback, Brand Watch can deliver information on gender, locations and other key specifics.

Drawing on the points discovered above, are Argos right in taking this risk and will it work in order for the business to move forward in the digital world. comparing this to market competitors many other store like B&Q are looking to increase the speed of delivery by offering customers the opportunity to order something online then having the opportunity to collect the item from a store only 2 hours after placing the order online. This is game changing as the business believes it adds added purpose to the stores with customers coming in to pick up their products meaning they may look around to make additonal purchases whilst there. This move means if you’re in the middle of home DIY jobs and run out of certain colour or something you still can complete the job on the same day without having to wait a lengthy time for deliveries.