Free Wednesday Film Club: Born in Flames

Lizzie Borden’s documentary-style science fiction film is set ten years after a peaceful socialist revolution in the United States, where inequalities of gender, sexuality, and race still prevail, until a group of women decide to mobilise the revolution even further. A film that combines news reports, surveillance footage, documentary sqeuences and handheld camera shooting, the film is now seen as an example of ‘guerrilla filmmaking’ and as iconic of intersectional identity politics of the 1980s.

March 8. 2-3.30pm Room: ES102

Architecture talks tackle received wisdoms

A series of architecture talks curated by University of Brighton’s School of Architecture and Design Head Robert Mull and Adjunct Professor Charles Holland will run in January and March. Twins will explore difficult alliances, strange bedfellows and new relationships with each discussion ‘twinning
very different people, organisations and ideas, asking them to explore difference as well as cultivate common ground. Read More

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman discusses new book at Author Visit event on 16 March

Prominent campaigning politician and the country’s longest-serving female MP Harriet Harman will be at the Sallis Benney Theatre sharing stories of her work dedicated to fighting for equality and respect for women in all fields of life with Guardian journalist Polly Toynbee. The event is part of a series of Author Visits at the University of Brighton. Read More