Graduates 2023: Kerenza Emily Maeve Bloomfield: MA Craft

“Collectively, the tutors and technicians have such an immense amount of knowledge to share and are only too willing to help and inspire if you put in the work. Learning from them in that special environment has been a joy.”

Please tell us a bit about your work and your influences

At the root of my creative practice is a moral sensibility to rework and remediate salvaged waste resources. For my MA project I sought to manipulate non-recyclable plastic destined for landfill, brass industrial component parts and lead flashing offcuts collected and given to me from my father. I am conscious to use what is at my disposal or given rather than new. Having an awareness of the past, where little was discarded but put to a different use, and present-day unsustainable resource consumption.  From this guiding principle has stemmed a transformative process whereby the emotional provenance of materials is reclaimed and revealed, thereby reassigning value. For my BA similarly, I used materials and practical research such as making to explore issues outside of the workshop such as how to overcome waste streams of textiles for the charity EMMAUS. I believe making and made objects offer us the opportunity to consider and critically reflect on the world around us. External influences on me include Pheobe Cummings, Celia Pym, Sebastian Cox, Linn Cheung, Richard McVentis, Eve pietruschi and Smile Plastics to name a few

Can you tell us a bit about your journey to you course and made you choose it?

After studying for a Fine Art Foundation Degree at South Gloucestershire and Stroud College I went on to complete the first year of the BA Bespoke Tailoring course at London College of Fashion, which I enjoyed however I wanted to explore making with other materials beyond suit fabric. I applied to Brighton University, as I knew someone who had been at the same Art foundation as me was on the course and was having a great experience, and I made the best decision for me and my passions, although it was daunting at the time. I have not looked back since.

What were the highlights of the courses for you?

The highlight of the course for me was the community of the 3D Design and Craft course. I remember in my first year making friends with the second and third years because the workshops were shared, it felt like a very encouraging environment to be in every day, I wanted to be in the workshops all the time. It is nurturing and like a family! Collectively, the tutors and technicians have such an immense amount of knowledge to share and are only too willing to help and inspire if you put in the work. Learning from them in that special environment has been a joy.

Was the location of your course in Brighton important?

Living next to the sea was a big draw after living in London for a year. I grew up in a rural part of the Cotswolds and hills, woodland, streams and common grassland has always been a deeply restorative and inspiring landcape to me there I feel I am home away from home when I am in Sussex. Also, with Brighton being an inclusive city with a large creative artist community, I knew I would have the best of both worlds, with London not far away for further arts, museums and exhibitions.

What are your plans after graduation? What’s next for you?

I am moving to Eastbourne which will be interesting as it is smaller than Brighton and therefore without its quirks, but hopefully with this move I will be able to afford a workshop of my own in the not too distant future. I plan to take up an artist in residency or exhibit my work and part-time teaching as I am adamant I will continue to make and be creative. In the coming weeks however, I want to also rest and make some time for family and friends as I have been working hard to complete a large MA project which has involved many hours of physical labour. My MA project has explored how I can remediate waste materials and reclaim their emotional provenance to reassign value therefore I have been able to reflect and appreciate my education and what good fun it has been.

What advice would you give to someone considering doing postgraduate study?

I would recommend that postgraduate study gives you the opportunity to explore with other like-minded people and while being taught by knowledgeable teachers. There will be challenges where the result is not what you expect, but its what you do with the experience that matters most.

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