Graduates 2023: Freddy Goodfellow: Illustration

“Brighton is a contagious town and rubs off on most things.”

Please tell us a bit about your work and your influences.

My work has grown to be more of an exploration into video. As my degree has gone on, I’ve come to realise time-based illustration to be a growing component in the design world. Towards the end of my degree, with the time and resources offered, I took the opportunity to explore and research moving media. The past thirty years has seen a lot of change with video, in terms of technology and uses. What I came to find was that these factors themselves presented good ways of communicating my own ideas through process. My own ideas revolve mostly around how humans have evolved through the expansion of technology, whether a commentary on the self or the wider community. 

How have you found your course and what made you choose it?

I’ve come to thoroughly enjoy my time on this course. I’ve enjoyed the time and respect I’m offered as a student here, as well as the guidance offered in helping me understand the role of the illustrator. Furthermore how the understanding can help me in any walk of life.

Was the location of your course in Brighton more important than you thought it would be?

Yeah definitely. I knew I liked the town I was moving to, although I didn’t anticipate how much of a role it might take in my work. Brighton is a contagious town and rubs off on most things.

What are your plans after graduation?

Move back home to london, and steady myself for a while. Continue experimenting in whatever way I can, and establish the start of a good path for myself. At the moment a feel keen to go into film production of some sort.

If you could give you 16 year old self any advice about going to University what would it be?

Trust you can have a go at what ever you actually want to have a go at!

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