Craft student making her mark in TV craft series

Chloe Hook is enjoying her run in the series Handmade, C4’s primetime competition to find Britain’s best woodworker.

21-year-old Chloe is the programme’s youngest contestant, and has been showcasing her skills on primetime TV alongside working towards a Craft MA at the University. She had previously graduated from 3D Design and Craft BA (Hons) course in 2021.

“Studying 3D Design and Craft at the University of Brighton gave me the opportunity to explore working with a range of materials, alongside access to a great range of tools and machinery,” says Chloe. “This allowed me to develop my skills and confidence in woodwork, pushing myself to create innovative pieces of work.

Clock made from wood

“I also have great access to a variety of workshops, as well as wonderful technicians who all come from specialised backgrounds. All of this has given me the opportunity to improve my design and artistic skills, and led me to being ready to take part in Handmade. The support from my techs and tutors has been lovely!”

When it comes to her eye-catching woodwork, Chloe prefers creating unique hand-worked pieces. During the C4 series so far, these have included an artfully crafted clock, a beautiful multilayered rocking horse and a chic contemporary styled day bed.

Her love for wood as a material, meanwhile, springs from strong commitment to sustainability. “My work highlights the need for nature in our lives, not only through spending time outdoors and but also through design in our homes,” Chloe says. “To be surrounded by objects that we appreciate and enjoy creates a more productive and happier environment.”

In her spare time, Chloe is also part of a Celtic pagan drumming group, as well as a local repair group that offers free repairs to anything people bring them.


Find out about studying design and craft at Brighton.


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