Crafts graduates picked as ones to watch by the Crafts Council

Two of this year’s graduates from University of Brighton have been chosen among 2022 names to watch by the Crafts CouncilĀ  magazine Crafts.

Only a dozen graduates earned a place on curator and craft critic Riya Patel’s list in Crafts, which provides a highly influential snapshot of the best work made by rising stars of the future in craft and design.

Bowl fashioned from unformed wood

Millie Harris graduated in July with BA (Hons) 3D Design and Craft, and finds both inspiration and materials for her turned wood pieces from ancient Sussex landscapes. She crafts her pieces using a unique combination of wood from decaying trees and melted down silver, alongside other organic materials.

Describing Millie’s works, Patel said: “They loosely reference geographic features but are more like statements on the lost bond between humans and nature. Unlike students who strive for the perfect final object, Harris enjoys crafting as a form of connection.”

Jiin Kim, meanwhile, took inspiration from her native South Korea for her MA Crafts degree. “If there is a colour and design that only I can produce as an international student, I think it can be unique or distinctive to me,” says Kim. She turned to her own interpretation of the Ilwol Obongdo, a traditional Korean folk painting of five mountain peaks. “I felt that this brought traditional and classical beauty.”

Alongside the aesthetics, Kim also had to solve significant technical challenges to make her modular wood screen. “This furniture’s real challenge is the novel wooden hinge piece that allows for panels to be interchanged, and for the whole screen to be extended while maintaining its stability,” she says.

Speaking about coming to the UK to study, Jiin Kim said: “I had a really amazing journey with University of Brighton. It was my new challenge, and everything was unfamiliar. But thanks to tutors, technicians and students I was able to flourish and have an amazing experience.”

Millie Harris said: “3D Design and Craft at Brighton allowed me to explore my creativity! I was exposed to an array of working techniques as well as a new working environment within different workshops. The technicians were always there to help when I needed them, and our course had a great sense of community.”


Jiin Kim on Instagram: @jiin.kim_makes

Millie Harris on Instagram: @millieharriscraft



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