Graduates 2022: Olivia Van de Velde: Fashion Communication

“To have the option of placement was great and has meant once we graduate in July, we’ll know what to expect.”

“My work is based upon the improvement of fashion industry within sustainability. I care about trying to cut consumer consumption and figure out ways we can enjoy fashion without creating more waste and a bigger problem. I have always been influenced by my surroundings, often travel sparks this. I am a huge fan of film photography and find this a great way to curate an idea and document. I am able to then create collage and other work using these first hand images.

How have you found your course and time at Brighton?

I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Brighton. The fashion communications course is incredibly supportive and the there is always a buzz of excited within the student body. It is a great space to discuss and develop your ideas whilst also being helped by the tutors to make them a reality. The projects we were set in 1st and 2nd year allowed us to explore my creative range. The initial two years really prepared me for placement year, which I think is an asset to the course. To have the option of placement was great and has meant once we graduate in July, we’ll know what to expect. Our FMP has been a great space for us to create a project we are really passionate about.

How did you choose your course – why did you choose to study Fashion Comms?

I was always interested in working within events so chose Fashion Communication as it allowed me to understand what is needed for that area of industry whilst being able to work creatively. Fashion Comms is a course that is made up of loads of different practices so knew I would be able to try out lots of different skills before picking what I finally want to do.

What are your plans after graduation?

After graduating I will be interning with House of Juba in Brighton for the summer but in September, I plan on going interrailing and then doing a ski season. I did an art foundation year at Oxford Brookes and have also done a placement year so after 5 years of university and school I am ready for a break! However, after that I aim to get a job in London working for a communications agency.”


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