Isaan Sara Paowana

Fine Art students show work in Brighton Festival exhibition Towards the Light

As part of the Brighton Artists Open Houses event, fine art students Sara Paowana, Melanie Woodward, Finn Gayton and Megan Ryan are showing work at the Regency Townhouse.

Melanie Woodward’s Omang series uses fingerprints as a form of self-portraiture to explore and reclaim identity in response to nationality renunciation. Omang presents an organised display of fingerprints as proof of identity, while Omang II in contrast has a disobedient composition of illegible, layered fingerprints which represent a loss of a sense of identity.

Finn Gayton‘s interactive, live performance installation, Lorry Boy, comments on the sociological and political themes of employment relationships and the commodification of people. The artwork examines the relationship between employer, employee, servant and customer.
Finn will be performing on the Saturdays and Sundays: 11am – 1pm, 2 – 3pm and 3.30 – 5pm 

Megan Ryan‘s wax casts of feet in Journey, depict the cycle of a relationship. The wax feet come together, walk in unison and drift apart. During the making process the feet have been burnt to indicate the disintegration of a relationship.

Sara Paowana investigates her Thai and British heritage in the slide and sound installation work Isaan. The artwork is an intimate account of loss and separation from her mother’s perspective as she reflects on her traumatic migration experience from rural Thailand to Britain.

Visit the Artists Open House website for Towards the Light exhibition information

Find out about studying Fine Art at Brighton.

Where: The Regency Town House Basement, Housekeeper’s Room and Servants’ Hall, 10 Brunswick Square, Hove, BN3 1EH

When: 7&8 | 14&15 | 21&22 | 28&29 May 2022







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