Profile of Lucy-Ann Gilbert

Meet the staff: Lucy-Ann Gilbert

Lucy is a spatial designer and educator who has worked in a range of settings including film, exhibition design, collaborative design through making, architectural practice alongside working in education where she has taught L5&6 Design Studio since 2016. As of 2021 Lucy has begun co-course leading the Interior Architecture BA(Hons) course and running the L4 Design Studio.

This variety has informed much of her approach to teaching within the field of spatial design. She is a firm believer that as practitioners who work primarily within the realm of the existing, we require a range of tools and methodologies at our disposal in order to respond to the ever-changing needs of our environment.

As such, this is very much about providing students with not only the skillset to communicate their ideas but challenging the preconceived notion that there is a ‘right answer’ and instead empowering students to explore through the process of design and take risks along the way.

Beyond this Lucy also has a fascination with the human condition in particular with relation to memory, heritage, trauma and our understanding of space, place and time.

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