Journalism students investigate life under Covid-19

Journalism students got their first bylines by the end of Welcome Week as they launched a unique investigation into life under Covid-19 for our student-run journalism website 

The first years interviewed freshers across England and Wales, as well as at universities in Spain, Italy, Malta, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands, to hear about their experiences.

The interviewees spoke of isolation and disappointment, but also optimism, as they started university under pandemic restrictions.

The stories were overseen and edited by third-year Journalism BA(Hons) students, who volunteered to take part in the Welcome Week teambuilding activity.

The event was run entirely using Microsoft Teams and the Overtime platform on WordPress.

Course leader Ben Parsons said: “We would normally get all our first years together with their counterparts from Sport Journalism in the Newsroom, and ask them to spend the day conducting vox pop interviews in Eastbourne.

“This year, none of that was feasible, but using the remote technology we managed to welcome the first years into the wider course community. They collaborated with senior students and took on an issue which was leading the news agenda, producing an excellent range of interviews.

“I’m looking forward to working with them over the next three years.”

You can read the students’ work here:

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