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“I went to Paris and took part in the menswear showrooms, conducting appointments with international buyers”

Final-year Fashion Design with Business Studies student Max Jennings on working with our placements team to secure industry experience at Burberry, E.Tautz and Tom Ford.

Within my course, there is the option to undertake a 12 month placement year, this naturally can be incredibly beneficial in terms of experience , contacts and general personal growth. When I was looking at different courses the availability of a placement year was one of the key factors for me in choosing. At Brighton, the placement year takes place directly following the second year of study allowing you to go out into the world and finesse and improve upon your skillset before returning to embark upon the final  year and your final collection.   

I think that a placement year is one of the most transformative and beneficial things you can do for yourself. In a world where more and more people are attending university, a placement year is an amazing way to differentiate yourself from others. Through these placements you can gain valuable insight, contacts and pad out your CV with relevant experience.   

Throughout second year I was worried about my placement year, concerned I would not meet my own expectations or that I would fizzle out. Luckily at Brighton for fashion we have a dedicated team, who handle everything for you. You can get feedback on our portfolio and CV and also on your potential placement hosts. The placements team also check that the placement hosts have all the relevant insurance and will also help you if your placement does not meet what was advertised or if you are not treated properly. This adds a level of security and safety to the experience which is very comforting.  

I began my year at Burberry for a month, and was there for the duration of fashion week, and was given opportunities to work on runway garments. I learnt a lot about organisation, and gained a much deeper understanding of how a large fashion house works. I then moved on to E.Tautz, where I learnt about how a smaller brand works, and a lot about menswear specifically. Whilst there I was part of a smaller team so was given a lot of responsibility and really felt important as a part of the brand. Whilst there I was even given the opportunity to go to Paris and take part in the menswear showrooms, conducting appointments with international buyers. After E.Tautz I moved on to do a season at Tom Ford, where I learnt so much about how clothes are made, fabrics and what luxury truly means. I was given a lot of time where I was taught, and felt really pushed and valued by the team.   

Throughout the year I gained huge amounts of confidence and valuable insights and contacts, I feel like it has left me fully prepared for starting my final year.  

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