Graduates 2020: Sandip Gurung: Interior Architecture

My work consists of collective inspirations from two things that I enjoy the most in my free times, basketball and video games.

By researching on methods to combine these two elements, I found VR (Virtual Reality) technology as a solution to merge these elements into one functional platform. The design of my work addresses the details I was interested in the existing structure of the Royal German Spa, located in the Queen’s Park, Brighton. To highlight these details, my main inspiration was an array system of the historical gate, ‘Fushimi Inari Shrine’ in Kyoto, Japan. Further iterating my design, I used tree-like columns to shelter the existing structure using ‘Agri Chapel’ by Yu Momoeda as an inspirational idea to create a context to vegetations in the park. Advancing to the design, it addresses details of Ionic Columns of the existing structure and implementing the materiality of a Basketball Court to create a connection between the design and the function.


How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

My time at Brighton University has been great, it has been very eye-opening with possibilities of ideas and inspirations. To see my peers and their work, have been very influential to my own and my tutors were all so very motivating throughout my course. The help I received over my final year has made me realise immensely what I am capable of, as a spatial designer and I noticed the rejuvenated joy of working on your ideas whilst occupying a project. Furthermore, despite my primary use of software being different to the ones we are taught at the university. My tutors and our ICT technicians would always help me find solutions, teach me better/quicker methods for future reference and additionally motivate me, to work at my own pace and comfort.


What are your plans after graduation?

Post-graduation, I would like to venture out on a career path as a designer and work in different projects with almost different genres of spatial design. I believe that there is always a connection in every aspect of designing, whether it is sports-related, music-related or residentials etc. I do not want to limit myself with just being involved with one genre of spatial design, for this instance, for my final year project, I worked on a VR basketball court facility with sports in mind, for my next, I would like to perhaps get involved with music. Therefore, ideally, I would like to work and continue working on a different genre of spatial design projects. This way I believe I can see and study the history in relation to the current world and also, make an educated estimation of the future as it pertains to the world of spatial design.


How did you find lockdown?

Working from home during the lockdown has been very challenging, albeit, it was relaxing to work from home, at my own pace with online tutorials. Though I didn’t lack any guidance from the tutors as they were very informative with suggestions and ideas to help my projects, I struggled to keep my focus on the main task at hand. Not being able to see my peers’ progression with constant communication about our project, which was a privilege working in our studio, affected my workflow as I regularly got additional ideas and motivation with those conversations that I would partake with them. Also, other aspects such as how I would like to present my portfolio and improve the contents and the overall presentation. But, due to lockdown, it was very difficult to communicate due to our difference in daily schedule and our locations.

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