Graduates 2020: Mashaal Baloch: Interior Architecture

My third year project work is largely based on  the futuristic approach to graveyards set in the year of 2070.  

With the growth in online platforms it is estimated that by the year 2070 50% of Facebook users will be deceased. Such trends across the technology industry combined with the challenges of the growing population and the lack of space will lead to a revolution in our current methods of remembering the dead, the graveyard. It Is predicted that there will be a large shift towards “online graveyards”. My project looks to combine an online element which will be the norm in the future as well as keeping  physical elements through activities, designed for a personal connection whilst accounting for the anticipated challenges presented by the lack of space. In my research I considered environmental and  economical impacts of graveyards now and in the futur


How have you found your time at Brighton?

The Brighton community are friendly and always ready to help. Growing up in London I really enjoyed moving to a seaside city as it offered a welcomed change from the business and noise of a big city. 

From this course as well as advancing my technical skills such as learning various design software and surveying I have also been able to further my personal skillset by becoming a more confident and a better all rounded individual.


What are your plans after graduating?

Over the summer I plan to work with a few charities as a volunteer to help out in this unprecedented time. I feel with the skills I have gained at Brighton I can really contribute in a team and as an individual. 

My professional aspirations after this are to gain some practical experience via internships in a few sectors such as urban design and commercial properties to decide which line of work best suits me.



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