Graduates 2020: Jade Chan Interior Architecture

I’ve always been a creative person and have enjoyed creating art.

I studied fine art both at GCSE and A-levels, which was the initial drive which introduced me to the Interior Architecture course as it combines the freedom and creativity of art with the discipline on Architecture.  Since being on the course, I went by the motto “making the everyday better”. I believe that as a designer, it is important to create not only beautiful and visually pleasing structures but to design spaces which have a purpose, and serves the everyday public in a positive way. Also, it is important to repurpose what we already have, rather than building from new, as we need to be more environmentally conscious on the footprint we leave on the land, and designing with a purpose. 


How have you found your time at Brighton?

I’ve had a really good experience on the course, it was quite different to what I expected prior to coming to University as I thought it would have been quite daunting, but everyone on the Interior Architecture course has been extremely welcoming and friendly, both staff and fellow students. It feels like a little community where you can connect and build meaningful friendships with each other and being with other likeminded creatives helps you build confidence in your own work and allows you to challenge yourself to perform better. Also, there are so many facilities available for us to experiment with, such as a workshop, photography studios and other facilities to help us understand how we like to work and learn new skills.


What are your plans after graduating?

After graduation, I intend to find a job in a multi-disciplinary architecture company mainly working on the public realm, which has similar values to myself, so I can begin to learn and experience how real-life project function and operate. I like the idea of working in a small/medium company, working in a design team drawing up schemes from draft to final proposal, as I want to be a part of the different stages of the design and have an input into the final built outcome.



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