Graduates 2020: Jack Hovell: Interior Architecture

My work at the University of Brighton has developed over three years, culminating in a greater understanding and further appreciation of sustainable architecture and design.

This has recently become a significant priority in my design work and a topic which, in my opinion, should be highlighted more and more. I have significantly benefited from being taught to hand draw in a technical manor, model-make from various materials and from being encouraged to develop a personal style, a style which will define the next steps in my career. My key influences throughout my portfolio of design projects have been based on my personal interests. These projects include: designing a microbrewery in one of Brighton’s Madeira arches as well as a series of cocktail bar spaces as a bar-tour experience near St James street in the iconic Kemp Town. I have found that my own interests have been a powerful tool in influencing my design work, keeping me connected to the project in much more than just academic terms.


How did you fine your time at Brighton?

I have had a brilliant experience during my university life at Mithras House in Brighton. The 3rd floor studio spaces for architecture and design are a vibrant, welcoming and social hub to work in at all hours of the day. I’ve made many great friends, between years, courses and tutors. This unrivalled social experience facilitated by the University of Brighton, is one of the main attributes for which I will  remember the course. Although, in the past few months, students and tutors alike have experienced unprecedented disruptions, there has none the less been constant communication and encouragement from all tutors, motivating be to persevere in paving a career for myself the industry, regardless of the obstacles.


What are your plans after graduating?

This summer I aim to build up experience in hands-on landscaping, whilst carrying out freelance work as well as independent design projects, putting my university skills to practice. My next big step will be moving up to Glasgow in Scotland, where I will be living and working but also hoping to further my education and studies. These next few months, I will be able to develop the appropriate skills and level of experience to apply for a role in environmental or landscape design practice.


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