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Graduates 2020: Hannah Millett: Architecture

“The greatest influence for my work this year has Belgian design studio A JDVIV. Their approach cherishes the existing, creating delicate spaces from materials that are found nearby.”

Hi Hannah please tell us a bit about your work, your influences etc

“In my latest project, I developed a model for a small doctor’s service in the north of Brighton. The GP is based on the site of an old Victorian warehouse, and the former scrapyard for the train station has become a therapeutic winter garden.  In the proposal, patients experience the integration of the health benefits of the natural environment with medical care, while a disused building becomes a healing environment for physicians and clients alike.

“This focus on reuse of and minimisation of waste has been the philosophy of my design group, Studio 16 in the School of Architecture at Brighton. My other interests lie in how architecture has the potential to greatly influence public health and wellbeing through designing with awareness of the mental and physical health impacts of our built environment, which was the point of focus and research for my dissertation.

The greatest influence for my work this year has been the projects of Inge Vink and Jan de Vylder, the Belgian design studio A JDVIV. Their approach cherishes the existing, creating delicate spaces from materials that are found nearby. They force the visitor to question what we find beautiful in architecture, what else can we find beautiful, what do we value other than beauty; things that are ‘old’, ‘damaged’, ‘tattered’ receive a new appreciation by the eye, but are also essential in a world running out of resources and overrun by waste.”

How have you found your course and time at Brighton?

“A key aspect of the department is the support available to students within it. Whether its dealing with uni related stress or having a serious discussion about mental health, our Student Support and Guidance Tutor will listen and advise. The fact that this support is physically present in the department not only is a visible reminder of the deep care staff have for their students but means it is as accessible as physically possible, and students may have been less likely to find support otherwise.”

What are your plans after graduation?

“It’s going to be a challenge finding graduate work in the current situation, but that is still my plan. Most architecture students work for a year in the industry before beginning masters – my intention is to study outside of the UK to understand how architecture is understood and appreciated in different countries and what the means for designers. One day I hope to work in healthcare architecture – the healthcare industry being of the most diverse industries – to facilitate the efforts of medical staff and the recovery of patients.”

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