Graduates 2020: Alexis Southey: Interior Architecture

My work is influenced by the joining of materials and how people interact with them.

With a background studying maths and physics, I am passionate about the technical side of design. This interest in physical change has influenced my projects to be dynamic with balancing, moving elements, as well as structures dissolving over time. One of the most inspiring projects was Stone twenty seven featured at Burning Man. It made me passionate about installation work and that is now something I would love to do at points throughout my career. Like installation work, I also like to focus on personal experiences and the journey people take when interacting with a project; this journey does not have to be only physical, I like my work to have a message behind the design and make people think.


How did you find your time at Brighton?

When I arrived, the course at Brighton was not what I expected at all. The main surprise was the community aspect of the course. With only having a smaller number of students, you end up knowing everyone from all years personally, which has contributed massively to all of the moments I will remember. The workload is really challenging, so you end up staying at university really late trying to finish everything before a deadline, but because all of your friends on the course are also there, you laugh hysterically, about almost everything imaginable. The teaching at Interior Architecture is also very personal, the amount of contact time with tutors feels unprecedented; they guide you through the course, inviting new perspectives whilst acknowledging your strengths even before you realise you have them. I can confidently say I wouldn’t be the designer I am today without the influence of these few tutors. During my first ever term of Interior Architecture, we were set a task to physically make something using the workshop, and this is where I found my love for making models. I didn’t even consider it being a part of designing before and now I start my projects nearly always three dimensionally. This course becomes your life during and will always be a part of it after.


What are your plans after graduating?

My plans after graduation is to find a company with interests in materials and structural experimentation. I want to develop my skills in the structural/construction side of design and potentially study further in structural engineering. I also want to experience working at a range of types of practices, so I can really get to know all sides of design. I think my plan is to be the best, most considered designer I can be and do this by having as many varied design opportunities as possible.




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