Graduates 2020: Jamila Marie Daouma: Interior Architecture

As a theme, my studio was looking at any aspects that characterise the British culture in order to represent the festival of Britain 2022 located from Regency Square to the West Pier.

The intention was to identify the “Britishness” and British identity as the catalyst which inspires a programme for the festival. I’ve been looking at the beautification of the skin as a sense of British identity as the new generations are obsessed with skin care, so I have created a pavilion which celebrates British medical innovations and achievements. The final proposal is a Melanoma skin cancer research centre called UnderSkin which hosts two areas contaminated and clean (contaminated area for the public – Clean area for the scientists/lab) so that the public is able to learn and be inspired from. Since the festival has a temporary nature, after the festivals ends the pavilion will be located next to the Sussex Cancer Centre in Brighton so it can carry on the research in finding a cure for the melanoma as well as continuing the improvement in the British Medical achievements. The structure has simple and geometrical shapes, made out in burnt timber to resemble the aesthetic of the West Pier. However, the particularity is the skin of the building which is a fabric membrane structure which becomes semi-transparent thanks to the rain, so it exposes the whole structure underneath.  

This whole project has been inspired by a personal issue in the first semester at uni and after turning out less serious than I thought, I started thinking of exploring the possibility of expanding the medical research facilities in Brighton. 


How did you find your time at Brighton?

These 3 years at Brighton university have been challenging in a positive way. I’ve been able to know myself in terms of who I am, what I like, what are my limits and what I’m aiming to be one day. It’s been a very long journey, but it was worth it. I am pleased to have chosen this university.   


What are your plans after graduation?

After graduation I’m planning on building up my working experience. I would like to find an internship with companies which design temporary structures for art installations but for the moment I am willing to gain a bit of experience in any field of interior architecture. Another interest of mine is about materiality and how to create a new building material for a more sustainable environment so I’m hoping to find a sort of internship/ being a shadow of someone so I can learn more about it. 

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