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Opening today! Brighton’s architecture and design final year show

Futuristic graveyards and turning Victorian warehouses into a doctor’s service are among the projects at the School of Architecture and Design End of Year Show.

The exhibition, which has moved online because of COVID-19, opens today at 4pm on a website which was especially designed once it was clear there could be no physical show.

The website, part of the Graduate Show 2020 which launched with art, design and media students on 12 June, will showcase the wealth of talent, creativity and skills of the architecture students, with individual profiles created to go into depth of each project.

Among the students involved is Hannah Willett, who studies Architecture BA (Hons), who developed a proposal for a small doctor’s service in the north of Brighton, based on the site of an old Victorian warehouse, which would allow patients to experience the integration of the health benefits of the natural environment with medical care, while a disused building become a healing environment for physicians and clients alike.

Hannah said: “By doing a lot of my work from home, I’ve been able to reflect a lot more on what I’m doing. I do think there is a silver lining to having an online show. When we apply for jobs, it’s all going to be done online and having a platform there, ready, gets us another step closer to making applications for jobs, which for many of us is our next step”.

Mashaal Baloch has been studying Interior Architecture BA(Hons) and focused on the fast-growing world of media and technology leading to all aspects of life becoming digitalised, including graveyards. She set her project in 2070 and looked at the challenges of the growing population and the lack of space, which could lead to a revolution in our current methods of remembering the dead.

On not being able to display work physically this year, Mashaal said: “It feels like an underwhelming ending to an overwhelming year, but I don’t mind the online show either. It’s a great solution given the situation and circumstance. It can work in our favour, people can view our work who wouldn’t have been able to.”

Glenn Longden-Thurgood, Deputy Head of the School of Architecture and Design, said: ”The online show has embraced digital technologies and has given us the opportunity to include more work. Not only does every graduating student have an opportunity to exhibit, they can include a range of media never before possible, and if they wish, exhibit their entire portfolio and avoid the agony of having to choose which two drawings to include from a portfolio of many.

“Although the online show is no substitute to seeing the physical work, it’s the best available right now, and this opportunity has taught us that we can provide additional functionality that I am confident we will build into future events.

“Having been involved in the editorial process, I have already had a preview of what is to come, and I am very excited about the launch on Friday. It is a testament to our fantastic students that, despite the events of the final months of the year, there is a vast array of projects demonstrating their creativity, ingenuity and talent.”

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