Graduates 2020: Jacob Everett: Product Design

This year my work revolved around the controversial subject of privacy; I focussed on user privacy rights and surveillance by both the state and by private corporations.

I felt it was important to not only tackle the underlying issue; with solutions to everyday tech products that are exploitative, but also to look at how I could form a campaign and movement that aimed to engage and educate the public about the issue of privacy in the modern world. The campaign and brand that I created is called Anonymous by Default – a movement, a campaign and a solution with a simple message: “The products we love don’t have to spy on us”.

Over the course of this year I have developed a strong belief that the designers of tomorrow can be the the drivers of change within society. I truly believe that as the architects of future products and systems, we have the ability to not only change how the current exploitative system works, but also usher in a new way of interacting with products and services that is respectful of the user and not entirely focussed on profit driven exploits.


How was your time at Brighton?

The first day I ever visited Brighton I could immediately see the love and respect the city and its people has for art, design and culture. The openness and freedom to present yourself and your ideas in any way that you want is what makes me so glad I picked The University of Brighton. Product design as a course has morphed over the years, and this year in particular it has been incredible. The vertical studio system has allowed me to develop myself and my skills within an environment and idea structure that will most certainly benefit me in the future.


What are you plans after graduation?

Over the past 4 years at The University of Brighton I have developed a passion for graphic design, logo design and branding. This passion has driven me to start my own small business called REDBLUE which is a logo design and branding studio. I plan on pursuing this as a career and continuing to work with my existing clients, whilst also expanding and working with new businesses in the near future. This is an exciting time for me and I look forward to building upon the skills that I have developed during my time at university. 


See Jacob’s work in the End of Year Show

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