Graduates 2020: Martha Wood-Saanaoui: Graphic Design

I often place importance on process and methodologies as means of communication throughout my practice.

With my interests centring around ethical and anthropological studies, the structure of my practice involves a great deal of continued research. My influences are pretty multifaceted, consequently meaning that I have to consider alternative ways to shed light on a subject or topic, ensuring that my means of communication is consistently engaging. 


How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

Throughout my time at Brighton, my approach to making work has changed a lot. I feel that the nature of the course enabled me to explore many areas of design that I may have not previously thought would interest me, and allowed me to approach my personal practice in a comprehensive manner. My main benefit from my time at Brighton was the encouragement to explore and understand areas of study outside of my own, providing me the opportunity to incorporate an extensive range of influences into my work, without restrictions. 


What are your plans after Graduation?

My post university plans are pretty open ended as given the current uncertainty It’s quite difficult to plan. However, I intend to continue with my personal development, explore my interests further, and spending some time to refine and experiment with new ways to communicate. Currently, I have plans to explore the progression of my practice through the process of collaboration with Florence Carr, a fellow maker that shares similar interests to my own.

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