Graduates 2020: Emma Deguara: Graphic Design

My final project asks a number of questions. It is an accumulation of research, personal interest and current events.

How can we communicate differently? What does it mean to be close to someone? Does distance matter? How can we remain individual in a repetitive and routine orientated world? Using a variety of media and concepts, I have explored these questions and their implications. It evolved to become a highly personal response to the events of the global pandemic.

I was inspired by multiple artists and I found it important to engage with a variation of practices. These include: Rosas (contemporary dance), Merce Cunningham (choreography), John Cage/Steve Reich (composers), Marina Abramović (performance art), Busby Berkeley (choreography) and Anni Albers (textiles).


How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

My time at the University has definitely had highs and lows. I have loved being in a city and university space which has encouraged and nurtured differences. It did take me a while to find my feet and pursue what I wanted to do, but the course and tutors gradually facilitated me to make work about my personal interests. We were never forced to remain within the confines of any preconceived expectations of what Graphic Design is. 


What are your plans after Graduation?

The plans I originally had for after graduation have been postponed due to Covid-19, so I am back to square one. I would love to do an internship within the film or theatre industry and I hope that it will be possible once it is safer. For now, I am enjoying the strange limbo between student life and the ‘real world’.


How has lockdown affected your work?

Working from home during lockdown was initially a challenge. It was tiring and difficult to find the motivation to continue working whilst there were much more serious issues taking place. Additionally, we were coming to terms with the cancellation of two Grad Shows, end-of-course celebrations, summer graduation and the absence of any university facilities. My final project became an outlet for my disappointment and in the end, I began to work productively whilst appreciating just how fortunate I was to be safe and healthy.

Emma’s website 


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