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Watch Fashion Communication student Vanessa discuss her sustainable YVERT brand

“The most important thing when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry is that we work together to create change.”


Vanessa Menrad’s YVERT brand has been designed to help creatives make the fashion industry more sustainable. The support system, which provides creatives with a platform to share, connect, create and drive change, was initially conceived for Vanessa’s final project, which is currently being displayed at the online Graduate Show 2020.

The idea is that anyone in the industry with an interest in sustainability, whether they are freelancers, workers, content creators, students, graduates or small and medium sized businesses, can come together to collaborate with like-minded people.

A prototype app has also been created which aims to combine all aspects of YVERT into one digital channel.

Vanessa, who is originally from Stuttgart, Germany and now lives in Brighton, said: “YVERT developed out of the frustration of not finding other creatives who want to work sustainable and use sustainable projects. I decided to create a space. The most important thing when it comes to sustainability in the fashion industry is that we work together to create change.

“The goal is to eventually launch an app that will have all those functions, so it’s almost like a combination between LinkedIn and Instagram for creatives in the fashion industry that want to work together sustainability.

“I’ve already had a lot of positive feedback and have collaborated with some fashion designers. There is a big interest – I think this could really go somewhere, we need to grow an audience and the community will slowly evolve. Maybe we can go from Brighton and London to the UK and eventually Europe – there’s so many possibilities”.

Having finished her studies at the university, Vanessa plans to find a position at a creative company, which will allow her the space to continue developing YVERT.

She looks back on her time at the School of Art with fondness: “From the moment I got accepted, I felt supported and guided through the process of moving country and starting a new chapter (which can be really hard if you leave your whole life behind). Throughout my 4 years of studying, this course has surprised me in so many ways, making the experience unique and unforgettable.

“With the support and guidance of my tutors, guest lecturers and University staff, I ultimately found my career pathway and built my own brand identity.” Find out more about YVERT and view Vanessa’s work at the University of Brighton’s Graduate Show 2020 and watch our video with Vanessa.

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