Graduates 2020: Lowri Cooper: Fashion Communication

I am a visual artist with a focus on photography, moving-image and collage.

The overarching theme of my final works explores the increasingly blurred line between ‘natural’ and ‘artificial’; the grey area in the middle of this dichotomy and the difficulties encountered in making the distinction. Furthermore, the works explore humanity’s distorted relationship with the natural world and the impact of our interactions with it. I have found the exploration of this theme very interesting; how ‘the natural and the artificial’ work side-by-side and how the merging of these elements can evoke surreal and uncanny outcomes. I take photographic inspiration from mostly Surrealist artists such as Dora Maar and Man Ray as well as fine art sculpture influence from Henry Moore and Louise Bourgeois. 


How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

I have truly enjoyed my time at Brighton, the fashion communication course is creatively diverse and is grounded by business studies and historical/cultural studies. The course encourages a multidisciplinary approach, which has allowed me to keep my options open and prepared me for a number of different professional pathways within the industry. I would definitely recommend taking the sandwich year. I was fortunate to work with Burberry, TANK Magazine, JW Anderson and attended Paris Fashion Week as part of my role. I feel that the knowledge and skills gained help with the final year projects as well as the transition into a graduate role. Brighton itself is an amazing student city; it has an immersive art culture as well as plenty of galleries, museums and vintage stores to provide inspiration for the course. 


What are your plans after Graduation?

My plans as a graduate include moving to London to pursue a photography or creative media role within the fashion/creative industry. As a result of the pandemic, the industry is rapidly changing and digital skills are vital in our virtual communications. As digital skills form a key part of the fashion communication course, it is more relevant than ever to the future of the industry. 

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One thought on “Graduates 2020: Lowri Cooper: Fashion Communication

  1. Well done Lowri. You’ve always succeeded at everything you’ve turned your hand to and produced amazing work. You’re going to have a wonderful career and take London by storm!

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