Graduates 2020: Vanessa Menrad: Fashion Communication

Sustainability has become the centre of attention in the fashion world, we have never felt the need to change as much as we do currently.

While organisations such as Extinction Rebellion, Fashion Roundtable, and Fashion Revolution are determined to tackle the issues connected to companies and existing supply chains, fashion platforms and blogs like MOCHNI, Eco Warrior Princess and Good on You inform consumers and help them make better choices. What we need right now are tools and facilitators to support the people who work in fashion and are trying to grow a more responsible industry. YVERT was created to help with this. A support system for creatives wanting to share, connect, and create, to help them make a change in the fashion industry.

The brand was conceived from the frustration of wanting to create sustainable content, but not knowing where and how to find like-minded people. After deciding to create sustainable fashion content, I struggled to get hold of like-minded creatives to collaborate with me. Eventually, I decided I needed to create was a space where creatives can not only get inspired but also find like-minded people to work with and actually share their work.

And this is how YVERT came to be, a platform designed to facilitate a space for sustainable creatives and build a community that can make a change in the fashion industry. It currently consists out of a website, an Instagram account, and a Facebook group, helping individuals and small companies get inspired, find each other, share their work and collaborate. Additionally, I created an app prototype that would combine all the above into one digital channel, as a future goal.

YVERT caters to creatives in the fashion industry with interest in working sustainably and responsibly. This can include freelancers, workers, content creators, students, graduates, small companies, and hobby creatives. They will most likely be looking to collaborate with like-minded people, share some content they have created, interact with people, or maybe even just get inspired and find out how to change their practice.


How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

To me, coming to the UK to study Fashion Communication was a dream come true. From the moment I got accepted, I felt supported and guided through the process of moving country and starting a new chapter (which can be really hard if you leave your whole life behind). Throughout my 4 years of studying, this course has surprised me in so many ways, making the experience unique and unforgettable.

After experimenting with different specialisms in the first year, students were encouraged to create work that connected with their personal motivations and inspirations. This artistic freedom led me to explore my position and opinion towards the fashion industry, while experimenting with different technical appliances to ensure a versatile skillset. The optional placement year helped me gain professional experience and furthered the research into my career.

With the support and guidance of my tutors, guest lecturers and University staff, I ultimately found my career pathway and built my own brand identity.


What are your plans after graduation?

Ideally, I would like to find a part-time position within the creative direction, graphic design, or production sector, which would enable me to continue my work on YVERT. However, I am open to any opportunities and excited to see what the future brings. Eventually, I would like to build on my education and do a Masters either in the UK, France, or in Germany.

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