Graduates 2020: Ruicong Chen: Illustration

My works in the final year particularly are freer on looking for various ways to tell an idea, but in the end, I still like to present it or them in form of video as I’m exploring what I can do on moving images, or further, animation as well.

The theme of my work can be summarised as a fragmenting journey of telling stories between “me”, and the subjects, matters are happening around me. Such as me as a female and Feminism, me as a local and Urbanism in urban-rural, etc. What influenced and inspired my work and me in-depth, mostly come from books or articles where I looked for academic analysis sometimes.

Green image with multiple black images o two people walking with long shadow

How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

In the first two years, though I did lots of experiments, in general, I was making myself adapt to the new environment pretty hard, also been distressed, panicked to find a confident way of working. Then I relieved some of my inner fatigue as the final year was approached. Thanks to the open atmosphere given by the studio, tutors, and modules, I was still encouraged to try bringing more personal interests to the practice or challenge the practice itself. I think the undergraduate is about to get to know who am I, rather than trying to be professional. Besides, the changes in the surrounding environment after coming to Brighton as an international student have brought about changes in viewing everything.

Because of the lockdown I largely achieved that using my room and myself as studio and medium to finish my work, when the work is about “me and feminism” stuffs. By changing materials like television, projector for filming, and I played as both director and performer of the film.

Photography of painted face in spotlight

What are your plan after graduation?

Recently continuing on projects and building own portfolios, for either job and master application on New Media or Animation in future years.


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