Graduates 2020: Hollie McElroy: Graphic Design

I am a conceptual designer that  investigates environmental and societal issues to motivate positive change.

Inspiring imagery keeps me in the studio designing collages, illustrations and taking photographs. I collate this work into refreshing publication, motion and print design. A sense of responsibly is engrained through my practice by engaging in important conversations and taking part in collaborative projects, this has also developed my social conscience, especially through studying in Brighton.


 How have you found your course/time at Brighton?

Studying Graphic Design in Brighton across the country from my home in Manchester was a huge change for me. I was able to think and develop independently in my work and personal life, through meeting new people and experiencing the liberal culture. I loved the fun and experimental side of the Graphic Design course, as it developed my creative thinking and allowed me to look at projects in a new way. The fact that we were encouraged to investigate our own subject matters through independent projects was very important. My independent project in final year was ‘Rewild’, this book is about nature reclaiming its natural processes with little human intervention, it explores species with in the rewilded landscape of Ennedale and how they help the eco-system.


What are your plans after Graduation?

My initial plans for after graduation was to go traveling to Thailand and South America to  enjoy time away from MacBook screens before going into design work. However due to lockdown I hope to do these plans in reverse order, so I  have been developing my portfolio and website to send to studios I would love to work for.

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