Graduates 2020: Holly Jones: Illustration

My practice develops project to project as I try to tailor different styles and techniques to the subject matter.

I consistently work with audio and music as the focus and initial inspiration, then reflect and compliment the mood and atmosphere predominantly using film and animation. Recently I’ve been looking at relationships and ways in which we interact.

‘Who We Love’, explores and celebrates individual quirks and mannerisms of the people we love. Represented as candid interviews and tactile lino print animation. 

Illustration of a tray of smiley potato bites

Both ‘Envelopes’ and ‘Mango Freestyle’ are personal interpretations of music. Digital animation, sculpture, costume design and film, intended to capture the essence of both songs. 

‘Can we talk about the graffiti in 350’ is an ode to the subconscious process of doodling. It acts as a commemorative reinterpretation of the doodles from the illustration studio in the form of miniature clay sculptures. 

‘Doodle Keyboard’, made in response to the Covid19 pandemic, facilitates engagement and interactivity with people and spaces. Developed from my sculptures into an interactive keyboard app and instagram filter. Using sounds from the illustration studio (350) and Brighton. 


How have you found your time at Brighton?

Being at Brighton has given me the time to develop a working practice, feel more confident about what I create, push myself to produce work out of my comfort zone and have a clearer direction for future projects.


What are your plans after graduating?

At the moment I am collaborating with Misc Productions, creating animations for an Oscar Welsh music video, whilst also continuing my own personal projects. As well as working on more music videos, I want to collaborate with composers, directors, animators and artists on both narrative and documentary-style films.

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