limestone by jake lambert

Graduates 2020: Jake Lambert: 3D Design & Craft

“My final year project has been concentrated around memory, specifically my earliest childhood memories.”

Tell us a bit about your work

“I was raised in a ruinous barn on the French side of the Pyrenees mountains, I returned there in the summer of 2019 before the final year and to my surprise when I returned this trip and long dormant memories were pervading my preliminary work. These memories were triggered by inhabiting and returning to a place I have a strong connection to. I decided to explore these ideas of place and memory by remotely scanning from specific locations where certain childhood memories took place. I realised afterwards that these scans weren’t a perfect representation, they became a frozen, fragmented memory of the object. These fragments were then contorted further in the digital realm until they became the physical interpretations of my distorted childhood recollections. The substances that were originally scanned are then used in the 3D printing of my final pieces in order to tangibly tie my work back to the materials & places from where they derive.

How have you enjoyed studying at Brighton?

“When I moved back to England I lived in Newhaven which is just down the road and Brighton was the place I dreamt of living. I have really enjoyed living in the centre of such a vibrant city and a city that enabled and encourages different ways of thinking and living. In terms of my course I actually got onto 3D Design & Craft through clearing and immediately I knew I had made the right decision. The environment is artistically stimulating and I really like the varied nature of everyones projects, you can explore any direction you feel your project needs whether thats towards industrial design and products or you could go towards conceptual art or even into architectural and spatial design, it is extremely varied which is the courses biggest strength.”

What are your plans for the future?

“My plans have been severely affected by Covid-19, I am now applying to several different masters programmes in order to extend my education and keep exploring my current project. I plan to eventually create my own studio which specialises in computational design and fabrication but using natural and sustainable materials.”

Visit Jake’s exhibition on the Graduate Show 2020 website

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