cushion by product deisgn student ben rennie

A very timely project

These are difficult times and in recognition of the theme of Kindness in Mental Health Awareness Week, Product Design student Benjamin Ronnie has been speaking about his very relevant and timely project.

Originally Benjamin was focussed on a product design aimed to help the recently bereaved. His idea was to develop a sewing kit that could be used to make a tactile object from fabrics to remind the user of a lost loved one. The object would appeal to the visual senses but also to touch and smell as it could be made from a favourite item of clothing belonging to the person who had been lost.

As part of his research he interviewed SSGT, Justine Devenney about comfort and dealing with loss. In discussing the project in detail it became increasingly clear that Ben’s product was perfect for the current situation we all find ourselves in. Whilst we are trying to keep in contact with loved ones we are all missing the physical. Being able to hug a friend or family member, hold hands, or just sit closely in the same space. Moreover in lockdown many people are trying to develop new making ideas and creative skills such a sewing.

Ben is now looking at further ways in which his design (now known as the ‘Me to You’ project) could help in lockdown. People could make a very personal design that could serve as both physical comforter and a reminder of that special person we might be missing.

Check out Ben’s sewing tutorial here:

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