womenswear by yen wong

Graduate Yen Wong picked to show at London fashion Week

Womenswear designer Yen who recently graduated from Fashion Design with Business Studies BA(Hons) has been chosen by Graduate Fashion Week Presents to show her 2020 Spring/Summer collection at the major international fashion showcase taking place 14-16 February.

Originally from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Yen’s practice draws inspiration from her love of craft and make, exploring elements and techniques from couture and tailoring, as well as her fascination of history, heritage and culture. Yen plays heavily with juxtaposition and irony, using humour to playfully discuss matters of womanhood and personal experiences.

womenswear by yen wong

Her graduate collection, SUNNY SIDE UP! focuses on the combination of intricate techniques and heritage with ideas of kitsch and camp.

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