turner prize winner helen cammock

Brighton graduate Helen Cammock is (one of four!) Turner Prize winners

In an unexpected announcement the 2019 Turner Prize has been shared between all four nominees, including Photography graduate Helen Cammock, who said “they wanted to make a “collective statement” at a time when there was “already so much that divides and isolates people and communities”. University of Brighton Photography alumna Helen Cammock is one of four artists nominated to win the 2019 Turner Prize. Helen studied Photography BA(Hons) at Brighton and has returned as a visiting lecturer. She won the Max Mara Prize for Women in 2018.

The other nominees are Jordanian Lawrence Abu Hamdan, London-based Tai Shani and Colombian Oscar Murillo. Work by the artists will go on show at the Turner Contemporary in Margate until January 2020.

Read the BBC News announcement.

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