First Publication by Photography Alumni Reinis Lismanis

Since his graduation from the BA(Hons) Photography course in 2014, Reinis  has been exhibiting work nationally and internationally. Trial and Error is his first major publication.

Trial and Error is an accumulation of artworks, photographs, videos and installations that Reinis Lismanis has made over a period of six years.

Lismanis has been exploring photographic production and the traditional systems that lie behind the scenes of its processes and methods.
In a self-reflective manner, his work both acknowledges and challenges the conventional structures of image making, exhibition display systems and artistic production in general.
This publication is a comprehensive overview of the artist’s recent practice, in a non-hierarchical way mixing snapshots from his studio and trips to various cities around the world with documentation of exhibitions the artist has recently held.

“I have found photography, in its classical mode of being, to be an extremely fertile ground to stand on, albeit a limiting one as well.
As part of my explorations, looking at the intrinsic elements of production – be they technological, social, economical – is often the point of departure,
and everything is as important as everything else,” Lismanis states.


book cover for Reinis Lismanis

Reinis Lismanis – Trial and Error


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