Graduate Show 2019: Rosalind Clarke: Graphic Design

My work has been primarily photography based this year, which I have compiled into several handmade books.

I really enjoy starting off projects going out with my camera to get inspiration. I also love using analogue processes to create ideas, such as letterpress, lithography and screenprinting.  I am very influenced by grungey graphic design and have been really enjoying Chris Ashworth’s Instagram showing his typographic sketches. I also love visiting magazine shops (such as Magazine in Brighton) and see interesting layouts and ideas.

Can you tell us about your final year project?

My final year project is based around noise. Inspired by living on a noisy road, I used film photography to visualise noise, compiling a handmade book of these photographs. I wanted the reader to imagine a sound as they viewed the book, using images with movement, water, and other themes to do this. 

Image of hand holding open book

How have you found you time at Brighton?

I have really enjoyed my time in Brighton! It was hard work keeping up and improving, but it’s been really worth it. I have learnt a lot and met some great people. There’s so much to do and if you do get bored, it is so easy to go to London for some inspiration.

Image of hand holding ope pages

What are your plans after graduating?

My plans are fairly open at the moment. I hope one day to move abroad and be working in a creative field. At the moment, I am thinking I might move to London to do some internships and get some experience. I want to keep learning and I am hoping to experiment with Aftereffects and web design next, as well as doing a silent photography project – a contrast to the visualising noise project!

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