Graduate Show 2019: Jessica Bains: Product Design

I have always been passionate art and design and enjoyed exploring different areas of this subject throughout school and University as well as in my own time.

I started a business called Drift Beachwear in 2015 after making a range of jewellery and beachwear pieces at home. From this I created a website and Instagram page that gained over 10,000 followers. The development of the business enabled me to gain experience in creating a website and social media marketing. 

Creating a scale model for my final degree project gave me an insight into furniture design which is another avenue I would like to explore.

Tell us about your final year project:

This year I began to research the issue of food waste and its effect on global warming as my final project. Research from current articles and journals revealed UK households can waste around £480 a year on food that is thrown away and ends up in landfill. Research revealed food is often waste because it is forgotten about or not seen at the back of the fridge. This first-hand research led to the design of Polar which is an under counter fridge with a smart glass top that allows the user to view its contents at the switch of a button thus reducing energy consumption.

sketch of kitchen

Having everything all on one level makes it more accessible to a larger range of people who may not be able to reach the top shelf of a standard fridge. The accompanying app and organising boxes also make it easier to track use by dates and see what you have when you’re out of the house. The app reminds the user when food is going off so they can think about what they need to make before they get home.

How have you found your course/ time at Brighton?

I have enjoyed how broad the Brighton product design course is. It has allowed me to explore many areas of product design that I had not previously considered. I have developed and created a range of products that has given me experience in different subjects including graphic design and engineering. I have also developed my sketching, Adobe and CAD skills. The course has also provided me with the opportunity to study and work in Barcelona for my placement year. This was a great experience that allowed me to study with people from other cultures and gain first-hand knowledge of different design processes and methods.

What are you plans after graduation?

After graduation, I hope to enter the workplace as soon as possible with a view to using my Product Design degree in the field of sustainability. I am very interested in gaining more experience in Interior or Kitchen Design as I found my project this year very interesting. I also hope to continue developing my own business, Drift Beachwear, in my own time.

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