Graduate Show 2019: Holly Nash: Interior Architecture

My interests are mainly in the provision of social housing and how the current housing and economic crisis has affected peoples accessibility to affordable housing on a nation wide scale. 

This interest in social housing led me to write my dissertation exploring the history of social housing and how user participation within the design process can improve the longevity of regeneration projects. I drew a lot of inspiration in terms of a user centred approach to regeneration from Paul Karakusuevic and the Karakusuevic Carson Architects who have been responsible for many of London’s Council Estates Regeration currently happening in London. 

Tell us about your final year project

My final year project looks at creating a solution for Generation Z (those born between 1995-2010); who due to the current housing crisis have seen their prospects of becoming a home owner and their alternative affordable housing options significantly limited. My proposal of “The Iso-Share”; situated within the iconic modernist building ‘The Isokon’; aims to change this by allowing a for adaptable and flexible prefabricated private pods to be added to the existing building when its tenants out grow the limitations of the existing 26sqm studio flat. 

End model

Secondly the design proposal also features fixed co-living facilities which aim to alleviate some of the pressures of living within smaller spaces enabling the Iso-share to be long-term affordable housing alternatives. 

Sectional diagram

In order to ensure that the Iso-Share fulfilling its aims of helping Gen Z become home owners and have affordable living alternative; the design also features a deposit saving scheme which takes monthly payments from the tenants rent and invests them in long term green bonds through compound interest. This intends to enable tenants to leave after the 10 year tenancy with the equivalent of the average first home deposit in an end of tenancy payment.

How have you found studying at Brighton?

My time at Brighton has really pushed to grow as an individual, both within the course and outside of the course. I’ve learnt a lot about myself, my aspirations and skill set, all of which have been nurtured by the tutors on the Interior Architecture Course as I travelled through my journey of developing and learning as designer. 

I could not have asked for a more supportive set of peers or better teaching staff, having made life long friends and future business associates over the three year course I am sure!  

What are your plans after graduating

After graduation I plan to start the nerve racking process of applying for post graduate jobs. I know my interests and aspirations as a designer lie within social housings design and regeneration; I am hoping within my future career to make a difference within its provision and quality. I also have keen interests in graphics and branding and plan to also explore this through an internship over the summer.

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